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  • Mordecai Baruch Carvalho — (or Carvallo) (died January 1785) was a wealthy Tunisian merchant and rabbi. He devoted part of his time to rabbinical studies, and in 1752 succeeded his teacher, Isaac Lumbroso, whose best pupil he was, as rabbi of the Leghorn congregation of… …   Wikipedia

  • Mordecai Baruch Carvalho — ou Mordecai Baruch Carvallo, décédé en janvier 1785, est un riche marchand et rabbin tunisien. Il voue une partie de sa vie aux études rabbiniques et, en 1752, succède à son professeur Isaac Lumbroso, dont il était le meilleur élève, comme rabbin …   Wikipédia en Français

  • GATIGNO — GATIGNO, family of rabbis and scholars that first appeared in Spain and Portugal in the 14th century and settled in Turkey after the expulsion. Some consider the name to derive from the French province of Gatines. EN SOLOMON ASTRUC of Barcelona,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Josiah ben Joseph Pinto — (c. 1565 c. 1648) (Hebrew: יאשיהו בן יוסף פינטו) was a Syrian rabbi and preacher born at Damascus. His father, Joseph Pinto, was one of the rich and charitable men of that city. Josiah was a pupil of various rabbis in Talmud and Kabala, and later …   Wikipedia

  • AḤA (Aḥai) OF SHABḤA — (680–752), scholar of the Pumbedita yeshivah in the geonic period and author of She iltot ( Questions ). He came from Shabḥa, which is adjacent to Basra. When a vacancy occurred in the geonate of Pumbedita a few years before the death of Aḥa, the …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ANKAWA, RAPHAEL BEN MORDECAI — (1848–1935), Moroccan rabbi. Ankawa was born in Salé, a descendant of an illustrious Sephardi family. He received an excellent traditional religious education from his father in law, Issachar Asseraf, the chief rabbi of Salé. His great authority… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • BERDUGO — BERDUGO, family name of many distinguished rabbis in Morocco, chiefly in Meknès. According to tradition, the family was of Davidic descent through the exilarch Bustanai. YAḤYA (or Ḥiyya) BERDUGO (d. 1617) endorsed an ordinance in Fez in 1605,… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • CARVALHO, MORDECAI BARUCH — (c. 1705–1785), Tunisian rabbi and author. Carvalho was one of the most distinguished pupils of Isaac lumbroso . He served with him as a dayyan of the community of Leghorn in Tunis, and later became his successor (1752). He wrote: (1) To afot Re… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ELIEZER BEN SAMUEL OF METZ — (c. 1115–c. 1198), tosafist and halakhic authority. Eliezer was a pupil of jacob tam (see Sefer ha Yashar, ed. by F. Rosenthal (1898), 128 n. 57), as well as of samuel b. meir , and Ḥayyim Cohen of Paris. Among his disciples were some of the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • ISSERLES, MOSES BEN ISRAEL — (1525 or 1530–1572), Polish rabbi and codifier, one of the great halakhic authorities. His full family name, Isserel Lazarus was shortened to Isserles, but he is usually referred to as the Rema (acronym of Rabbi Moses Isserles). Isserles was born …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

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